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Why Live Chat Works

Like every dental practice, you want to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and improve your bottom line. And most of all, you want to provide your patients with excellent service. Kontak has the perfect solution for you—Live Chat on your website! Here are five reasons why Kontak live chat service works for dentists in the Western USA, and why it will improve your practice.

Improve Patient Service

How many times have your patients been kept waiting on hold for an answer to a simple question? Plenty of times, right? With Kontak live chat installed on your website, your patients can promptly interact with a live person—a trained professional who can answer the common questions that use up so much of your staff’s time and energy. And all without robots or annoying on-hold music.

Patient Convenience

And when your patients want to check on office hours or available appointment times, Kontak can help them any time, day or night. We’re always open 24/7/365, so your patients can get their answers when it’s convenient for them. They will appreciate this level of access and will spread the word about your superb service.

Competitive Advantage

If a person searches your website outside of your office hours, rather than leaving a typed message for your office staff to respond to on the next business day, chances are, they may look elsewhere for more immediate help. Why lose these potential patients to other dental practices, when you can increase your own patient roster by providing quick access to a real person who can speak with them about their need? One of our trained Kontak chat specialists will ascertain their need, collect their information, and let them know about your practice’s dental services. And in the process, they will help your potential patients feel valued. Then, the information collected will be passed on to you in a timely manner so you can personally respond and convert a question into a patient.

Increase Your Bottom Line

We have proven evidence that our chat service can add 3 new patients a month to your practice. That is no small deal! Projected out, that means 36 new patients each year, and 180 new patients over a five-year period. That’s how you build a practice!

Improve Your Marketing Return On Investment

Most practices have no real idea whether their website is effective in marketing their services to potential patients. Kontak can give you the marketing information you need to know. We collect statistics on how many people visited your site, how many of those people asked questions, and the topics of questions asked. We provide monthly reports of chat histories and various other visitor metrics, to help you develop and implement strategies that can draw more traffic to your site.

These are five reasons why Kontak live chat works for dentists in the Western USA. There are plenty more reasons for using Kontak’s live chat specialists! Don’t delay. Fill out our contact form and schedule a Demo of Kontak TODAY. Get Started For A 30-Day FREE Trial.  During your trial period, a sales associate will contact you to create a plan tailored specifically for your dental practice. Let’s chat!

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