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Your Ideal 24/7 Chat Solution

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Online Chat Service for Your Website

We’re a cutting edge chat service that provides company-specific, person-to-person contact for every visitor to your website. What’s distinctive about our chat service? Our Chat Specialists are trained to answer questions that pertain specifically to your practice. No robots involved: only educated humans representing your practice as you want it to be represented.

Want to understand your clients’ needs? Kontak is also a data collection and reporting service. We work behind the scenes to capture patient information for new and existing clients so you can better serve them.

And whether your company has one business location or one hundred; one website or numerous sites; Kontak Chat Solutions will customize the perfect plan to meet your needs.

With seasoned industry experts behind our Chat Specialists, Kontak is the ideal chat solution for Dental Practices and Veterinary Clinics. Don’t delay! Fill out our contact form and schedule a demo of Kontak TODAY!

Get Started For A 30 Day Free Trial

During your trial period, a sales associate will contact you to create the perfect plan tailored specifically for your practice.