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How it works

Live chat on Dental Website

How does Kontak work? 

Every visitor to your website, whether they’re a patient or not, will be presented with a friendly chat window that introduces an expert representative by name, and asks, “How can I help you?” To the visitor, that representative is part of your staff, because Kontak makes the interface between your practice and our online assistants seamless. We ensure that your practice is represented to visitors the way you expect — with personal attention that delights your patients and turns first-time visitors into customers.

What Answers Will Our Kontak Representatives Answer?

We can describe the procedures you perform, the insurance you accept and what a new patient should expect when they visit your office. The questions we won’t answer are recommendations for treatment. Those are between you and your patient. But our online chat ensures that the office visit a patient needs to be able to get your diagnosis and treatment recommendation happens as soon as possible.

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Where do Kontak’s Online Representatives Get Answers To Patient Questions?

From you. Remember, Kontak is focused on representing your practice to your patients and potential customers the way you want it represented. We coordinate with you on the information you want us to provide so you can be confident your patients have an online experience that matches the personalized care they can expect from the team in your office. And for first-time visitors to your site, if they can get their questions answered with one stop, and schedule an appointment while they’re on your site, chances are they’re done shopping around.

How Are Kontak’s Online Representatives Trained?

All Kontak’s operators learn extensively about each practice from a detailed profile created for each dental or veterinary office. In addition to knowing about your practice, our operators know about customers. They’re trained to provide excellent service and are experts at creating great customer experiences.

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