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Answer Your Prospects Questions In Real Time

Real People Answering Real Questions

We know dental needs can’t always wait for a return call from your office. Your present and potential patients have concerns, and often they want information immediately! In a culture where being available can mean more satisfied patients, you need to be able to answer questions at any time, day or night.

But can you afford to have a member of your dental staff sit at a computer around the clock to field each and every inquiry—even when the office is closed?

With Kontak, the answer is yes!

Kontak is a chat for dentist service that was created for your dental office. We provide a real person to answer your patients’ questions. We’ve got chat specialists who can answer questions online with specific information from your own dental practice that you have already provided and pre-approved. Though we can’t recommend treatments, we can describe procedures you perform and help that person get the office visit they need as soon as possible.

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Chat Provides a Comfortable Touch

Many times in our digital age, people feel more comfortable with online chats than taking the time to make a phone call. Chats are less threatening and more convenient, especially for patients who may be trying to connect from work, or are busy with a project. But while they’re on your website, Kontak allows you to greet your clients with a real person rather than a robot. That personal touch can provide a human connection that makes all the difference.

At Kontak, we collect existing patient information for your follow-up using a secure channel of communication. Potential new patient information can also be collected that allows you to connect with them before your competition does. We can help you discover a huge new source of potential patients you never knew existed!

Convert general inquiries into new patients

Kontak gives you the opportunity to convert general inquiries into new patients while a chat specialist answers their questions. All new patient leads are sent directly to your inbox so you or your staff can respond personally. Never miss another opportunity to add to your bottom line.

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